Casino club pattaya

casino club pattaya

As it has the same owners as the Cream Club and the. now closed, Casino Club we imagine it is aiming at the new style of gogo bar and night. Casino Club has never been sure whether it is a gogo bar or a night club so we have put it into the gogo and “other” categories. earlier in the. Open for several years now, this club still draws the crowds. The interior is spacious, and the girls are friendly. Music consists of rap and hip-hop. For a night out. casino club pattaya

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About Peter Nolan Smith. If nothing works, just go back to the homepage. Soi 15 Dollhouse Agogo. Ein Drogentest wurde durchgeführt und bei elf der Angestellten erwies er sich als positiv. Trotz der Ermahnungen und Verbote des Gouverneurs von chonburi hatten sich die Besitzer einfach darüber hinweggesetzt. Proudly powered by WordPress. As far as we are aware it has been on the same premise site ever since.

Video Soound Live In Casino Club Pattaya 09/04/2011

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